Gals With Guitars

I was a guitar player in Sharon Gals wailing feedback experimental jam earlier this Summer.


Drawing Sound Workshop

Listening to sounds and drawing them, then drawing sounds and listening back to the scratches. Workshop with Market Limelights, Brixton.


Contact mic workshop

Contact mic building workshop with Fab Lab, Peckham. Trying out slinkys, combs and straws with piezo disks.

contactmic workshop

Living Room

Live performance in a Living Room in Peckham.


Gekiyasu and Friends

Live performance of ‘Love Song’ at the RCA.

Simon Allen workshop


Simon Allen teaching a day workshop in listening, drawing and improvising, with his vast collection of unique instruments.


Anechoic chamber


A visit to an anechoic chamber at London South Bank University, with Mike Wyeld and Cecilia Wee. A room that is so dampened with spiky acoustic foam it appears to absorb all sound from my ears.